Bahasa Inggris Genap 2011/2012

Bagi mahasiswa Agribisnis kelas D TA. 2011-2012 dapat mengunduh bahan kuliah di link berikut ini. Sebelum kuliah dimulai, setiap mahasiswa diharapkan sudah mempunyai bahan kuliah dan mempelajari terlebih dahulu materi yang diberikan. Keaktifan dalam perkuliahan sangat diharapkan selama proses perkuliahan Bahasa Inggris. Finally…if you have any questions or problems related to this course you can leave comments in this post or send email to:…Veel Succes voor jouw…

Verb to be and The Tenses (Lecture 1)


Continuous and Perfect Tenses (Lecture 3)



Adjective and Adverbs (Lecture 6)

Gerunds (Lecture 7)

Participle and Participial Phrases (Lecture 8)

Noun Compound (Lecture 9)


One comment on “Bahasa Inggris Genap 2011/2012

  1. Nama : sulaiman
    Nim : D1B208041
    Prodi : pkp
    Mk : bahasa inggris
    Past :
    1. Susan and Anna were waitresses
    2. on two days ago he was playing soccer
    3. at the time he was a drug addict sma
    4. It was a wonderful holiday
    5. (+) I had spoken english
    (-) I had not spoken english
    (?) had I spoken english
    Present :
    1. Budi, To’o and Aan is discussing right now
    2. Rizal is watching a football match on TV
    3. Ulis Juwanda, Ajat and Sule are studying their homework at the moment
    4. Is Mrs. Wulan cooking in the kitchen ?
    5. (+) We usually come here
    (-) we usually not come here
    (?) usually we come here
    Future :
    1. I will have swum at 11 tomorrow
    2. You will have worked
    3. They will have driven home
    4. She will have learned music
    5. (+) I will buy some novels next month
    (-) I will buy not some novels next month
    (?) will I buy some novels next month
    Present perfect :
    1. I have gained five pounds since I started my diet.
    2. I have never tried to raise chickens.
    3. Have you read the book yet
    4. They have had three tests in the last week.
    5. (+) I have been to Bandung in the last year
    (-) I have been not to bandung in the last year
    (?) have I been not to bandung in the last year

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